Bixby High School


Bixby high school is running for OASC state president. Our schools platform is to promote teenage mental health awareness in high schools. Teen mental health cases have skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Our council wants every Oklahoma student to know they can get help. Bixby would assist school advocacy by providing councils with vital information, like crisis hotlines and apps relating to mental health. Our end goal is to have all students that are impacted by mental health using resources that are promoted in their school.

School Qualifications

  • Bixby has been an OASC gold chapter school for the last twelve years

  • Bixby has sent delegates to BASIC for multiple years

  • Bixby has sent delegates to advanced

  • Bixby has sent delegates to Nationals

  • Hosted district conferences many times

  • Host school for district seven online in 2020

  • Held district office

  • OASC State Secretary in 2013

  • OASC State Secretary in 2018

  • OASC State President in 2011

  • Hosted State convention twice in the last seven years

  • Bixby council members selected as junior counselors at BASIC

  • Annual drive of needed items for BOC

  • Hosts student mixers for Special Olympians

  • Granted seven Bixby students wish through Make A Wish

  • Advisors have served on executive board

  • Advisors have been at BASIC and advanced