Edmond North High School

School Qualifications

  • Gold Chapter council for over two decades

  • Two-time OASC State President

  • Served in District officer positions & on the Executive Board

  • Regular participation in OASC Basic, Advanced, & Nationals

  • Very active in our community through our annual philanthropy week, BALTO Week, with 200 + BALTO candidates

  • National Blue Ribbon School, awarded in 2007

  • Top Academic Performance Index in Oklahoma 6A Comprehensive High Schools

  • Concerned with the advancement of each individual council in the OASC

  • A very tight-knit & charismatic council dedicated to giving all of our efforts to serve our school & community


If elected, Edmond North would introduce a video database focused on the leadership development of delegates and advisors of the OASC. This database would include a wide range of content, from 90 second videos to 10 minute videos. These videos would speak on an array of topics such as diversity in schools, council relations, and even icebreaker games. This database would revolutionize the reach and impact of the OASC by allowing us to continue to grow and develop even though we can not physically gather this year. With the help of this tool, the OASC can be stronger together!