Broken Bow High School

School Qualifications

  • We have been an OASC Gold Chapter for fifteen years

  • National Gold Council of Excellence for twelve years

  • Our council has held numerous district offices and is currently serving as the District Four Secretary

  • We have also held both fall and spring district conferences for District Four and will be hosting the district spring conference in 2021

  • Our Advisor is active in the OASC and has participated in numerous activities including; working BASIC, serving as a member of the Adult Committees at State Convention, and was named as a Denise Vaniadis Mentor Award recipient at the 2017 State Convention.


Our platform is to create a Diverse Universe. As a school with a diverse student body we have seen the need to promote and encourage all of our students differences. As VP we would create a link where schools all across the state can share and receive ideas on how to spread kindness, inclusion, and diversity, also to create a state wide Random Act of Kindness Week to foster and support our schools, districts, and state, and we would like send out a bi-monthly calendar with national diversity days so that schools can recognize and show their students that they are valued and included. .