Piedmont High School


Our vision is a unified OASC where every member is an invested part of the OASC “Ohana” family. Our 3 steps to achieve this goal: 1. Create an introductory video for new members to learn about the family they are now a part of, getting members involved early on. 2. Reach out to new schools with an informational video explaining how and why to join the OASC, expanding our membership. 3. Increase online connection through social media, an easy way to keep the OASC connected at a distance in today’s world. Piedmont is committed to uniting the OASC, and the first step towards this involvement.

School Qualifications

  • 2010 State President, represented by Jamie Tate

  • 2019 State President, represented by Tobias Johnson

  • Gold Chapter Organization

  • Our council members are actively involved in the OASC, attending BASIC and Advanced workshops every year, as well as the National Convention.

  • As a quickly growing 5A school nestled in a small, rural town, we are the perfect balance of a large and small school, allowing us to represent and relate to schools of all sizes.

  • We are a model of unity and inclusivity- what we aspire to bring to the OASC.