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Basic and Advanced Workshops 

Basic Leadership Workshop

2024 Dates: Coming Soon

(A student may only attend Basic ONE time.)

This is a WORKshop—not just another convention or camp. 


Mission Statement: To develop student leaders by offering training and hands-on experiences so the students can enhance their local student council and school culture while preparing themselves for future leadership roles in their schools, careers, and communities.


Delegates are expected to have the maturity and motivation to participate actively in planned activities and improve their leadership abilities.  The delegates will spend 10-12 hours daily learning and practicing leadership skills in student council groups.  These groups simulate the work of delegates’ local councils or groups, where advisors and council members work closely together to achieve goals. 

Major skill development sessions will be offered in the following areas:

1. Group Processes - large and small
2. Communications
3. Project Planning
4. Problem Solving
5. Leadership Styles
6. Interpersonal Relations
7. Team Building
8. Group Dynamics
9. Goal Setting
10. Fund Raising/School Activities

Basic Curriculum Director
 Melinda Parks
Mustang South Middle School


Basic State Officers
JC Director
Karen Koehn
NW Tech Center

Koehn2 300.jpg

Basic Facilities Director
Denise Tomlinson
Bixby 9th Grade Center

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 10.29.44

Basic Registrar
 Shawn Freeman
Ada High School


Basic Forms

Click on the form below to download.

All forms in pdf format

Registration Link is on Members Only Page. Your school must be a current member to attend..

BASIC General Information

BASIC Staff Application 2023



BASIC Scholarship Application

What to bring to BASIC

BASIC J.C. Application

Advanced Leadership Workshop

2024 Dates..... Coming Soon

This workshop is designed for Senior student leaders who have attended BASIC and are eager to further develop their skills.  Students have the opportunity to discover more about their individual styles as they work through leadership situations.  Team building activities, advanced leadership skill training, and an Outdoor Adventure Experience are a part of the Advanced Workshop.


Advanced Mission Statement

The goal of Advanced is to help delegates become more effective leaders in society through self-actualization, learning their role in group development, understanding their own leadership strengths and learning how to lead and treat others with respect.

Advanced Co-Director

Harlee Davis

Santa Fe South High School


Advanced Co-Director

Mendi White
Alva High School


ADVANCED Workshop Forms​

Click on the form below to download. All forms in pdf format.

ADVANCED General Information


ADVANCED Health Form

ADVANCED Scholarship Application

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