Regionals Overview


Regionals Trip Dates: June 21st—26th, 2021


  • All Oklahoma delegates must travel with the delegation and cannot show up just for the convention.

  • Hosted by Mills High School in Shawness, KS

  • Oklahoma does a pre-trip so our state’s delegation can bond and show up to the conference united.

  • Pre-Trip Activities may include: visit to Worlds of Fun, sports game, tour of Kansas City, shows, zipline, leadership activities, and much, much more!

  • Total cost for the trip is $1,800. This money covers transportation, room, board, bus transportation, snacks, convention t-shirts, rain jacket, buttons (and other Oklahoma swag for trading purposes), spending money, convention registration fee, and pre-trip/convention events. Basically, once a student has paid for his or her trip, the student should not have to pay for anything else. 


$100 non-refundable deposit

DUE by December 15th, 2021

$400 non-refundable payment – DUE by January 15th, 2021

$400 non-refundable payment – DUE by February 15th, 2021

$400 non-refundable payment – DUE by March 15th, 2021

$300 non-refundable payment – DUE by April 15th, 2021

Adult to student ratio is 1 to 12.

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