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OASC Project Database

OASC Member, 

Enjoy the Ideas database. Ideas have been submitted by OASC member schools. You can earn Gold Chapter Points by submitting ideas. Proof read before you submit.  Also, please feel free to share ideas to help fellow members. To qualify for Gold Chapter, it must be submitted the same year you apply for the Gold Chapter. 

Community Movie Night

School: Bennington HS

Advisor: Kaitlyn Kavoossi

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Social or Recretional Project, Improve Student Attitudes, Fundraising Project

Description: On the Friday prior to Spring break, our school's student council takes the lead in organizing an annual free movie night—a community-oriented event designed to foster engagement and entertainment. With careful consideration, we select a family-friendly movie and transform our school grounds into an outdoor cinema. This event, open to the public with no age restrictions, extends its reach beyond our school community. In collaboration with a local business, we secure the necessary inflatable movie screening equipment, thereby supporting and promoting local enterprises. In this initiative, the student council plays a pivotal role in running the event, ensuring smooth execution and a memorable experience for all attendees. To fund and further enhance the event, we extend sponsorship opportunities to local businesses. Businesses contributing to our movie night receive valuable exposure, including pre-movie advertisements, visibility on our event's Facebook page, and prominent placement on the movie poster displayed at various locations around town. This strategic partnership not only enriches the community experience but also provides businesses with a unique avenue for marketing and community engagement. This a fun and yearly anticipated event, funds are raised through sponsorship sales and snack sales. attached is the sponsorship form we use.

URL: Click Here for More

Cardinal Day of Giving

School: Medford High School

Advisor: Kara Locke

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Community Service, School Service Project

Description:Each year, on the last day before Thanksgiving break, our entire school Pre-K through 12 selects local, state, and international service projects and spend the entire day giving back to our community:
-Stamp Out Starvation (an international food packing project based out of Enid, OK) 
-Painting local storefronts downtown with Christmas inspired art
-Making dog toys for the local SPCA
-Sewing dignity bibs for local nursing home patients
-Putting together tie fleece blankets for the local homeless shelter
-A canned food drive that replenishes our two communities' food pantries
-Using donated pillow cases, create tote cases for foster kids in our county
-Stuffed animal drive for our local Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop to hand out to displaced children or victims of wrecks or violence
-Necessities drive and packaging for local churches to have on hand out during services
-Band visits local nursing homes and play for the patrons
-Bringing appreciation packages to local law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMS workers
And much more.
All morning, students rotate from station to station creating, packaging, or serving in the area of focus across the school or the community.  In the afternoon, each group disperses and cleans up yards around town doing limb or leaf removal.  Afterwords, all students come together and reflect on their day of service explaining the highlights and emotional evaluation of providing for others.  
All items are donated beforehand by students, parents and community members.


School: Ponca City High School

Advisor: Molly Carter

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Social or Recretional Project,

Description: Luminaries is an annual event right before the holiday break where leaders set up a light display on the front lawn of our school. Right after school on the dedicated day (we typically do this the Wednesday before break) we take some small brown sacks and put sand in them to keep them from blowing away, then we put a small candle in each bag. We set the bags up so they look like an image from the street in front of the school and come back out around 5:30 to light the candles. From 6-8pm we leave the image lit, taking approximately 15 minute shifts of 2-3 representatives to make sure a bag does not catch on fire. During this time we normally have our student council holiday party inside the school while community members can drive past and see our light display. At 8pm we go back outside and throw the bags/candles away that are not useable again next year and clean the front lawn of any trash or other belongings left.

URL: Click Here for More

Photos: Click Here

RAP Assemblies

School: Dibble Public Schools

Advisor: Brenda Severson

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Social or Recretional Project, Improve Student Attitudes

Description: RAP - Recognizing Achievements Positively

RAP assemblies are held on the first Friday of every month. The purpose is to replace a typical pep assembly for one sport and one specific game, with an hour long assembly that recognizes everything that is happening in the entire high school. This brings students together by creating an inclusive environment that connects all the dots. It is best to have all students on the gym floor for the whole assembly. If you have a bigger school you might have to do each assembly by grade level, or switch which grade level is on the floor. You could even do it where the groups being recognized are the students on the floor. The point is to have as many students participating as possible. If you can start the year splitting each grade level into teams with a teacher or staff leader, then they can come in, sit in a circle and be with their staff or teacher advisor. You recognize every single event, student, group, or team that is achieving at that time. Recognize them all with run-in signs or flashing lights and confetti etc. For example, FFA and Esports get to break through a sign, like those that are typically used for only athletics. Recognize birthdays for that month if you can. Recognize students of the month nominated by teachers. Recognize Teachers of the month, nominated and voted on by students. Recognize perfect attendance. Recognize anything you can think of that would be positive recognition. Have the band, choir, cheer, dance/pom, stomp squad perform. Get teachers to do something funny. Put together a highlight video of everything that has happened at your school since the previous assembly. When it is time to do competitions or games, have everyone on the floor participate. Each team (as mentioned above) competes against each other at the same time. These games should be games that have a number of things that can be done in a certain amount of time. This way, all teams can participate even if they don't have an even amount of students. Typically games that can be done around a circle are best for everyone. Give prizes or a spirit stick to the team that participated the most, etc. End the whole thing with a giant line dance, or stand in a circle and sing your alma mater, etc. These should be student planned and led with close supervision. These assemblies changed the entire climate at our school. The students and staff are much closer and instead of just being a school, it is a home away from homes, filled with family instead of acquaintances.

WOW Days - "Welcome of Winners"

School: Dibble High School

Advisor: Brenda Severson

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Social or Recretional Project, Improve Student Attitudes, Leadership Training

Description: WOW Days - A workshop for 8th graders coming into our HS, and another workshop for 5th graders going into our MS.

We use two school hours to promote positive attitudes, group dynamics, and cooperation at the end of the school year to prepare them for their new adventure into the new sites.


Welcome from their future Principal.

Split into groups of 15-20.

Travel from station to station or break out groups in equal time increments

*line dancing

*ice breaker games/team competitions

*friendship bracelets

*lap quilts (for veteran hospitals or nursing homes)

*Positive Posters *Electives Presentation

Movie Night Canned Food Drive

School: Owasso High School

Advisor: Shannon Beck

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Social or Recretional Project, Community Service

Description: We have a tradition for the past few years to host a game/movie night on the football field. This event is a part of our yearly football homecoming week celebrations. At the event we provide yard games like nine square, spike ball, and volleyball while also playing a movie on our giant video board screen. We split the field and have one side for people watching the movie and the other half of the 50 is for yard games. Instead of charging for the event, we make it a food drive to benefit our local food pantry run by a few teachers in the school. Entry to the movie night was not a requirement but we were greatly appreciative of canned food items to go directly to our Owasso Food Pantry. The Owasso Food Pantry directly donates food/hygiene items to families of Owasso students. We wanted to help give the pantry a big head start on the year by giving them one big donation right at the beginning of the year. Attendance at the movie night was high and almost every person brought at least one canned food item with them. With the movie night and donations we were able to give the food pantry over 700 nonperishable food items to give to Owasso students and families. This provides a fun night on our football field for our community members while also giving back to the community in the future. We look forward to this every year.

Starfish Story

School: Empire Public Schools

Advisor: Tammy Skiles

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Improve Student Attitudes

Description: We ordered stories and a mini starfish off of Amazon and they come in a little mesh bag. At the beginning of the year we pass these out to incoming 6th and 9th grade. This serves as a reminder to make a difference in someone's life every day. They can keep them or pass them on to someone who is having a bad day. It really helps student's attitudes. Most keep them and put it in their binder so they can use it as a reminder.

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