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Enjoy the Ideas database. Ideas have been submitted by OASC member schools. You can earn Gold Chapter Points by submitting ideas. Proof read before you submit.  Also, please feel free to share ideas to help fellow members. 

Community Movie Night

School: Bennington HS

Advisor: Kaitlyn Kavoossi

Advisor Email:

Type of Project: Social or Recretional Project, Improve Student Attitudes, Fundraising Project

Description: On the Friday prior to Spring break, our school's student council takes the lead in organizing an annual free movie night—a community-oriented event designed to foster engagement and entertainment. With careful consideration, we select a family-friendly movie and transform our school grounds into an outdoor cinema. This event, open to the public with no age restrictions, extends its reach beyond our school community. In collaboration with a local business, we secure the necessary inflatable movie screening equipment, thereby supporting and promoting local enterprises. In this initiative, the student council plays a pivotal role in running the event, ensuring smooth execution and a memorable experience for all attendees. To fund and further enhance the event, we extend sponsorship opportunities to local businesses. Businesses contributing to our movie night receive valuable exposure, including pre-movie advertisements, visibility on our event's Facebook page, and prominent placement on the movie poster displayed at various locations around town. This strategic partnership not only enriches the community experience but also provides businesses with a unique avenue for marketing and community engagement. This a fun and yearly anticipated event, funds are raised through sponsorship sales and snack sales. attached is the sponsorship form we use.

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